4G LTE wireless I/O module

TCG120-4 is a 4G LTE wireless I/O module with MQTT support.


TCG120-4 is a 4G LTE wireless I/O module. In addition to the 4G, the device also supports 3G and GSM-GPRS, which makes it a good choice of a last-mile module that can communicate from a point with any mobile network coverage. The choice of communication technology is automatic by default but can be fixed during the setup.

The input/output peripherals of the device include 2 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, and two relays with normally open and normally closed contacts. In addition, the module supports a 1-Wire interface to which up to 4 Teracom sensors can be connected.

The initial setup of the device is made through the graphical interface using a standard browser. On the field, the device can be set up remotely either with SMS or HTTP API commands.

The device can operate in offline mode. In this mode, the relays can be activated by the alarm state of any of the monitored parameters – digital/analog inputs or sensors. In this way, the device can directly control some processes.

4G LTE wireless I/O module may be part of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. For this purpose, the supported protocols for M2M communication are used – HTTP API and MQTT.

In the case of HTTP API is used, the module periodically sends its whole status via XML or JSON file. While if MQTT is used, only a specific parameter can be sent.
MQTT is optimized to work on networks with even the scarcest of bandwidth. More about MQTT can be read in our blog too.


  • 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G connectivity;
  • Setup via WEB interface through the USB;
  • 2 digital (”dry contact”) inputs;
  • 2 analog input with 0 to 60VDC range;
  • 2 relay output with normally open and normally closed contacts;
  • 1-Wire support for up to 4 Teracom sensors;
  • SMS alarm alerts (up to 5 numbers);
  • TLS over SMTP support;
  • Email alarm alerts (up to 5 email recipients);
  • GSM Geolocation*;
  • MQTT support;
  • Periodical HTTP Post with XML/JSON status file;
  • Remote setup with HTTP API or SMS commands;
  • Firmware update over the air.

4G LTE wireless I/O module applications

  • Remote control of street lighting;
  • Environmental monitoring of agriculture sites;
  • Remote control of railway facilities;
  • GSM geolocation of refrigerators;
  • Remote control of water pumps;
  • Remote monitoring and control of distant facilities.

Supported sensors

  • 1-Wire humidity and temperature sensor TSH202
  • 1-Wire temperature sensor TST100
  • 1-Wire galvanic isolated AC/DC current sensor TSC200
  • 1-Wire temperature sensor TST103
  • 1-Wire humidity and temperature sensor TSH206
  • 1-Wire galvanic isolated voltage sensor TSV200
  • AC voltage detector TSV100
  • 4/20mA current loop transmitter with 1-Wire interface TSA200



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