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We work with companies around the globe that wish to grow with the success of Teracom by becoming authorized partners of official Teracom offerings. Our partner program is designed to generate recurring revenue streams for our partners and allow them to build strong relationships by offering value-added products and services to their clients.

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Testimonials from distributors

Teracom are an ideal supplier for us as their products just work as expected, innovative, reliable, dependable: we don’t get any customer complaints or returns which just what we like!
Gary Calland

UK, Audon Electronics

We are very satisfied with the way of working and communication with Teracom Company. We are building a long relationship with Teracom for a long future.
Rafi Raz

Israel , Michshur S.Z.

The Teracom product line presents a very great versatility of applications, combined with competitive prices.


Rogério Bombonatti

Brazil, XCabos

Teracom offers industrial-grade products with a very reasonable price. Its products cover a wide area of applications and the products are easy to use.
Manuel Arroyo

Spain, Landatel Comunicaciones SL

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