Industrial IoT module TCW242

Industrial IoT module TCW242 is a good option for upgrading industrial operations.

TCW242 description

The TCW242 is a top-of-the-line Industrial IoT module designed to meet the demanding monitoring and control needs of industrial applications. With Ethernet connectivity and data logging capabilities, it provides easy and comprehensive monitoring and analysis of a wide range of parameters.

Equipped with 4 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, an RS-485 interface for connecting MODBUS RTU sensors, and 4 relays, this Industrial IoT module is a versatile solution. The analog inputs can be configured in either current loop (0-20mA) or voltage (0-10V) modes, offering flexibility in monitoring different parameters.

This Industrial IoT module supports up to 24 Teracom and third-party MODBUS RTU sensors, enabling the configuration of 24 independent monitoring channels.

The TCW242 also offers robust alarm functionality with up to 24 independent alarms that can be set up with 5 user-selectable states. The device supports various communication protocols, including SNMP, HTTP API, MODBUS TCP/IP, and MQTT, allowing for easy integration with other industrial systems and devices.

The TCW242 Industrial IoT module is a powerful and versatile solution that delivers advanced monitoring and control capabilities.

TCW242 features

  • Web-based configuration and control with password protection;
  • Ethernet connectivity at 10/100 Mbps with automatic cable detection;
  • 4 digital inputs for dry contacts;
  • 4 analog inputs with 0-10V and 0-20mA options;
  • 4 relays with normally open/normally closed contacts;
  • MODBUS RTU for up to 24 sensors (registers);
  • Monitor up to 24 channels;
  • Set up to 24 independent alarms;
  • SNMPv3 protocol support;
  • Alarm notifications via SNMP traps;
  • NTP protocol support;
  • HTTP API commands;
  • 4 schedules for real-time control  of relay outputs;
  • Custom logical functions;
  • Secured email transfer with TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 support;
  • Data logging capacity for up to 70,000 records;
  • Dynamic DNS support for DynDNS, No-IP, and DNS-O-Matic providers;
  • Option to backup and restore settings;
  • Periodical HTTP/HTTPS Post of XML/JSON status files for client-server systems;
  • MODBUS TCP/IP protocol support;
  • MQTT 3.1.1 protocol support;
  • Remote firmware update via a standard browser;
  • Rugged DIN-Rail/wall-mountable enclosure.

Industrial IoT device applications

  • Remote monitoring and control of industrial machinery and equipment
  • Adaptive maintenance for industrial equipment
  • Real-time monitoring and control of industrial production lines
  • Remote monitoring and management of renewable energy systems such as wind farms and solar panels
  • Environmental monitoring in industrial settings such as greenhouses and water stations
  • Industrial monitoring and control
  • Safety and security monitoring in industrial facilities and remote locations

Supported sensors

  • Precision temperature sensor TST300
  • MODBUS RTU S0 pulse counter TDI340
  • Humidity and temperature sensorTSH300

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