TCG140-4 is the new member in the segment of our cellular devices for remote monitoring and control and now supports MQTT protocol.

The new controller is based on the TCG140 chipset but has a new communication module that allows 3G and 4G communication.
The new TCG140-4 firmware offers many additional extras.
There is a set of tools for checking network settings as well as testing the communication with the selected NTP server.
The most important addition, however, is the new functionality – support for an MQTT client. The client works with all standard brokers supporting MQTT version 3.1.1.
MQTT is a standard protocol for lightweight communication in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). The protocol is specially designed for minimal network bandwidth, which is very important in some applications. MQTT is very popular in a wide variety of vertical segments, such as industrial automation, telecommunications, oil and gas remote monitoring, etc.
TCG140-4 is already offered by our distributors. Like all our devices it has a 3-years warranty.
The last FW, with all described additions, can be downloaded from the product page.

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