TCW122B-CM doesn’t support SSL (Secure Socket Layer). To send e-mail alert, mail server which does not require SSL authentication should be used.

In the past, the most popular mail server which doesn’t require SSL authentication was and its national variants –,, etc. Recently also require SSL authentication, and actually, there isn’t public mail server working without SSL.

There are two options for sending an e-mail alert:

  • TCW gateway – The service is free and not guaranteed;
  • Custom Server – public or private mail server without SSL.

Custom mail server configuration

  • Connect the power supply and make sure that the device is connected to the Internet.
  • IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway and DNS fields on “Network setup” page, should be properly set up.

DNS field is mandatory when you use domain names instead of IP addresses for the mail server and time server. If your ISP doesn’t have some specific DNS address, DNS is same like Default gateway.

The example of valid configuration is:


  • Enter a valid public time server in the Time server field on “Network setup” page.

There are many free time servers –,, etc.
Valid DNS is mandatory when you use a domain name instead of IP addresses for the time server.

  • Enter your time zone in Time zone field on “Network setup” page. Like example for GMT + 4:30 you should enter “+0430”.

Examples of valid configuration are:


  • Enter a valid SMTP parameters (Mail server, Port, Sender e-mail, Username, and Password) on “Network setup” page.

The mail server can be specified either by IP address or by the domain name. The domain name can be used only if a valid DNS server is specified.
Standard port for SMTP is 25. In some cases, internet providers change the number of port for security reasons.
Sender e-mail, Username, and Password are details for the account on the used mail server.

Examples of valid configuration are:


TCW gateway

This is free service provided by Teracom for the customer without access to mail server working without SSL.
IMPORTANT! The service is free and not guaranteed.
The only setting here is recipient e-mail.

The example of valid configuration:


For both variants, there is “Send test e-mail” button for easy test of settings.

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