Remote monitoring software TC Monitor

TC Monitor is remote monitoring software that collects data and controls your TCG (GSM) and TCW (Ethernet) IO modules.


TC Monitor is remote monitoring software that collects data and controls your TCG (GSM) and TCW (Ethernet) IO modules. The application is easy to install and allows you to set up a monitoring system for a few minutes. The supported devices can operate in server or client mode, making it possible to add controllers installed in different locations.The monitored parameters can be sensors, digital and analog inputs and relay outputs. The collected data can be displayed on custom graphic and data dashboards.
A platform-independent Web-based user interface provides easy access to the software from anywhere.TC Monitor allows flexible administration of user accounts. For each individual user, access rights to certain information and actions may be granted.
The software can work with a free license whose only limitation is the number of monitored items.
TC Monitor is an excellent choice for your Data acquisition and automation projects.


  • User-friendly WEB interface for easy configuration and control;
  • Flexible users access rights management;
  • Distributed monitoring of controllers in “client” mode;
  • Alarm notifications;
  • User activities log;
  • Graphical and Data dashboards for better visualization;
  • Easy access to the raw data tables, export in .csv format;
  • Database management;
  • Sending commands to controllers in “server” and “client” mode;
  • Command status log.


  • Server & Data center monitoring systems;
  • Telecom remote site monitoring;
  • Temperature monitoring for drug and food storages;
  • Environmental monitoring for greenhouses;
  • Remote control of electronic equipment;
  • Heating & Cooling systems;
  • Industrial process automation;
  • Door and windows monitoring for air conditioning control.



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