Remote relay control module TCW122B-RR

TCW122B-RR is an Ethernet remote relay control module for industrial automation.


TCW122B-RR is a remote relay control module that has two digital inputs and two relay outputs, with normally open and normally closed contacts.

To arrange remote relay control two devices should work in a pair – one in “client” mode and other in “server” mode.

The “Client” sends periodically the status of its digital inputs to “Server”. As an answer, the “Server” returns its digital inputs status.

The client-server model allows following variants:

  • both devices are connected to the Internet, with public IP addresses;
  • both devices are connected to one LAN, with private IP addresses;
  • “Client” is connected to LAN (private IP address) and “Server” is connected to the Internet (public IP address);
  • “Client” is connected to LAN and “Server” is connected to different LAN, but behind a router with public IP address and port forwarding.


  • Password protected web-based configuration
  • 2 digital inputs with “dry contact” and “logic level” mode;
  • 2 relay outputs with NO and NC contacts;
  • Removable terminal connectors – separated for inputs and outputs;
  • Encrypted communication;
  • Manual or DHCP network configuration;
  • Device ID filtering;
  • Remote firmware update.


  • Remote relay control – one or two ways;
  • Industrial process automation;
  • Home and office alarm systems;
  • Remote control of electric devices.


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