GSM-GPRS remote IO module TCG140

TCG140 is a GSM-GPRS remote IO module for remote site monitoring and control over a mobile network.


TCG140 is a GSM-GPRS remote IO module for a distributed monitoring and control over mobile networks. The module can be used as a standalone device or as a part of data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

The GSM-GPRS remote IO module has two digital “dry contact” inputs, two analog inputs with 0-10V range and two analog inputs with 0-10V or 0-20mA range. The customer sets the mode of analog inputs via the GUI.

The device supports 1-Wire and RS-485 (MODBUS RTU) interfaces. Both interfaces can carry up to 8 sensors, shared between the two interfaces in a random ratio.

The device records all monitored parameters in internal FLASH memory. The records are made on the previous set time interval and/or on an alarm condition. The log file can be periodically uploaded to a dedicated server by HTTP Post.

The device has four relays with normally open and normally closed contacts. The relays can be activated remotely (SMS, call or HTTP API command) or locally. For the local activation, one of the monitored parameters is assigned to the relay – alarm state of the parameter activates the relay.

TCG140 can initiate a connection (HTTP Post) to remote dedicated servers. The payload of this post is XML file, with current values of monitored parameters. The HTTP Post can be sent periodically or under alarm conditions. As an answer to the HTTP Post, an HTTP API command can be returned for relay activation or change of some settings.

In addition to the HTTP Post alert, the device can send SMS and/or e-mail as an extra alert for up to 5 SMS and e-mails recipients.


  • Quad-bands GSM connectivity;
  • Setup via USB (Windows setup program) or SMS;
  • 2 digital ”dry contact” inputs;
  • 1-Wire interface for up to 8 Teracom sensors;
  • RS-485 interface for up to 8 MODBUS RTU sensors;
  • 2 analog inputs with 0-10VDC range;
  • 2 analog inputs with 0-10VDC or 0-20mA mode (WEB control);
  • 4 relay outputs with NO and NC contacts;
  • Data logger for up to 52000 records;
  • Periodical upload of data logger file to a remote HTTP server;
  • HTTP Post – XML data is sent pereodicaly to a remote HTTP server;
  • HTTP API commands;
  • SMS alarm alerts (up to 5 numbers);
  • Email alarm alerts (up to 5 email recipients), SMTP with TLS support;
  • Single call control for the relays from up to 5 numbers;
  • Firmware update over USB or GPRS.


  • Humidity, temperature and CO2 monitoring;
  • Mobile envinromental monitoring for vechicles;
  • Street lighting control for smart cities systems;
  • Data logging of industrial processes;
  • Remote water pupm station monitoring;
  • Drug and food facilities monitoring.

Supported sensors

  • Humidity and temperature sensor with MODBS RTU interface TSH300
  • Humidity and temperature sensor with 1-Wire interface TSH206
  • Temperature sensor with 1-Wire interface TST103
  • 1-Wire Pt100 transmitterTST200
  • Precision temperature sensor with MODBUS RTU interface TST300
  • Third party MODBS RTU sensors
  • 1-Wire carbon dioxide sensor TSG200
  • 1-Wire galvanic isolated AC/DC current sensor TSC200
  • Galvanic isolated voltage sensor with 1-Wire interface TSV200
  • 1-Wire galvanic isolated 0/20mA current loop transmitter TSA200



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