TST103 is our new digital temperature sensor with a 1-Wire interface.



The digital temperature sensor featuring an easy and accurate temperature monitoring and control. It focuses on applications that require precise temperature monitoring – server rooms, offices, stores etc. Special construction allows easy assembly in 19” rack cabinets.

The temperature measurement is based on 12 bits resolution from an onboard analog-to-digital converter. This provides high measurement accuracy as low as ±0.5°C in -10 to +85°C range, while the maximum current consumption is 2mA. The temperature sensor works in supply voltage range from 3 to 5.5V.

TST103 utilizes 1-Wire interface for communication with controllers. It is supported by all TCW11x, TCW12x, TCW220, TCW241 and TCG120 controllers. The digital temperature sensor has two RJ11 connectors for daisy chain assembly of multiple sensors systems.
More detail can be found on the product page.

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