TSC200-15 is our new current sensor with a 1-Wire interface, member of family TSC200 current sensors.


It can be used for either AC or DC current monitoring. The mode of operation is changed by the user. Input AC current range is 0.3 to 15 Arms, while DC current range is ± (0.3 to 15) A.

TSC200-15 is based on fully integrated Hall-effect current sensor IC, that provide galvanic isolation without optoisolators or other costly isolation techniques. High isolation voltage and low primary conductor resistance make the sensor suitable for current and power measurements for building’s management systems (BMS), monitoring and control of batteries, solar systems, industrial automation etc.

TSC200-15 has two RJ11 connectors, for easy daisy chain arranging of the 1-Wire bus. It is supported by TCW240B Ethernet controller. More detail can be found on the product page.

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