TDI340 is an S0 pulse counter with MODBUS RTU interface. This product allows any measuring equipment with S0 pulse output to be read by а Modbus master.

Тhe device has 4 galvanically isolated digital inputs that operate as independent 32-bit counters. The values of the counters are stored in non-volatile memory, which ensures high product reliability. Wide supply voltage range starting at 5 volts, low power consumption and the possibility for installation on DIN rail makes the product suitable for industrial applications.

The RS-485 interface supports up to 63 nods, which means that a maximum of 252 devices with pulse output can be connected to the same bus.

A typical application of TDI340 is remote monitoring of electricity, gas, water, etc. Adding a TCW260 as a master to the RS-485 bus makes it possible to send data from the meters to BMS or other monitoring systems.

TDI340 S0 pulse counter is offered with a 3-years warranty and will be available at our distributors in November 2020.

More information about the product can be found on its product page.

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