Our TCW260 now supports SMTP.

The new feature of the energy monitoring module allows for the ability to send e-mails in alarm conditions. This functionality is designed to provide users with a reliable and efficient way to stay informed about potential issues with their industrial systems.

With this new feature, users can configure the module to send an e-mail alert whenever an alarm condition is detected. The e-mail can include detailed information about the alarm, such as the grade of the alarm, as well as the current status of the system.

The e-mail functionality supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) and STARTTLS, ensuring that all e-mails are securely transmitted over the internet. This is important in industrial settings where sensitive information may be transmitted.

Overall, this new feature provides users with a convenient and secure way to stay informed about their industrial systems and take immediate action in case of an alarm condition. It can also help to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of industrial systems by allowing users to quickly and easily respond to potential issues.

The FW update can be downloaded from the product page.

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