The new version of TC Monitor software supports the TCW260 module and is available for download.

TCW260 is a data logger with analog and digital inputs, which allows compatibility with a huge variety of sensors. Adding support for this module in TC Monitor significantly expands its capabilities and makes the following applications possible:

  • Monitoring of sensors with 0-10V or 0-20mA output signal
  • Connecting meters with pulse output/S0 interface (EN62053-31)
  • Reading data from multiple Modbus RTU slave devices


Adding a TCW260 device to the TC Monitor will allow logging and displaying a total of 48 items – 24 channels and 24 alarms. Like other Teracom modules, the TCW260 can communicate with TC Monitor in both server and client mode. The free license offers full functionality and the ability to log up to 10 items.   

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