TCW241 is our new Ethernet I/O controller. TCW241 is the successor of TCW240B. The new Ethernet I/O controller is based on a more powerful 32-bit chipset. 

Analog inputs have the same range from 0 to 60VDC with 10-bit resolution. 1-Wire interface can support up tp 8 sensors for humidity, temperature, direct and alternating current, 0-20mA, a concentration of carbon dioxide etc.
TCW241 has all functionality of TCW240B, plus:
– Improved WEB interface;
– MODBUS TCP/IP support;
– custom made logical functions for relay activation;
– extended number of e-mail and trap recipients;
– delay for alarm notification;
– improved scheduler interface;
– improved 1-Wire sensors communication;
– offset for all 1-Wire sensors;
– Backup/Restore configuration.
More details can be found on the product page.
Demo device is available here with user/pass – admin/admin.

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