TCW240B is the first member of our new series Ethernet controllers – TCW2xx for remote control and monitoring over IP.

It has a lot of new features – real time clock for time scheduled control, SSL support, 100MB connectivity, SNMP v2.0, multi-sensor 1-Wire support with autodetection, Fahrenheit/Celsius degree support,  multiplier and offset for analog inputs, extended HTTP API protocol, push mode for client-server systems etc.

TCW240B has a few hardware option in comparison with TCW1xx series – extended temperature range from -20 to +70°C, extended supply voltage range from 8 to 32VDC, 16 bits microcontroller for better performance etc.

TCW240B can be used in various application like mushroom and winery environmental monitoring and control, environmental monitoring and control of server rooms, heaters or coolers control, scheduled control of processes, industrial process automation etc. More details can be found on TCW240B product page.