Our 4G LTE IO modules TCG120-4 and TCG140-4 now support GSM geolocation.

GSM geolocation is a method of determining the location without using signals from GPS systems. It is based on information from the cells of the mobile network. The GSM geolocation is more inaccurate than that using GPS. On the other hand, it also works indoors, where there is no GPS signal.
To use GSM geolocation, the device that is in the field sends to specialized server information about the cells of the mobile network. Based on it, the server returns coordinates with some accuracy. More about GSM geolocation can be read at Wiki.
With the new functionality TCG120-4 and TCG140-4 can be used not only for remote monitoring of parameters of moving objects but also to provide dynamic information about their location.
You can read more on the product pages of both products.

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