TC Monitor is easy to use software for logging, real-time monitoring, and control. Its freeware version has just been released.

TC-MonitorSoftware supports Ethernet (TCW122B-CM, TCW181B-CM and TCW240B) and GSM/GPRS (TCG120) Teracom controllers. Monitored parameters can be 1-wire sensors, digital and analog inputs and relay outputs.
TC Monitor can collect and display data from controllers installed all over the world. The collected data is stored in SQL database. It can be exported in MS Excel format for further analysis.
New software has a friendly web interface, which enables easy and fast configuration. In the free version up to 10 different parameters can be monitored and logged.
TC Monitor is a good choice for small and medium home automation, industrial automation, and general SCADA systems. More about it can be found at its product page.

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