The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has established comprehensive regulations to ensure the safety of cooled food and drugs during transportation. One of the key requirements is that all vehicles transporting temperature-sensitive goods must be equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring systems. These systems are crucial in maintaining the quality and safety of these products during transit.

To meet these SFDA regulations, vehicles must be equipped with sensors connected to fleet management devices. These GPS (fleet management ) devices not only track the location of the vehicles but also collect temperature and humidity data from the sensors. This information is then transmitted to a proprietary platform, which seamlessly forwards it to the SFDA platform. This process ensures that all stakeholders have real-time access to accurate data, enabling quick action if any discrepancies or issues arise.

The temperature and humidity sensors play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and quality of food and pharmaceutical products throughout their journey. Beyond transportation, the SFDA also requires temperature and humidity monitoring for warehouses that store these temperature-sensitive goods. To assist businesses in finding compliant monitoring solutions, the SFDA provides a list of licensed companies offering these services, available on their website at SFDA’s licensed service-providing facilities.

Our 1-Wire temperature and humidity sensors—  TSH202TSH202B, TSH206, and TSH230—are widely used in Saudi Arabia for both vehicle and warehouse monitoring. These sensors are known for their high accuracy and are compatible with various GPS tracking (fleet management) devices, including those from leading manufacturers like Ruptela (HCV5LCV5Pro5HCV5-LitePro5-LiteTrace5-LTM, and Trace5-LTE ) and Teltonika (FMB120, FMB125, FMB130, FMM130, FMC130, and FMC640). This flexibility makes them a reliable choice for businesses seeking compliance with SFDA regulations.

By integrating Teracom sensors into your transportation or warehouse systems, you’re not just following SFDA regulations guidelines—you’re actively ensuring the safety and quality of your products. Our sensors offer the precision and reliability needed to meet SFDA requirements, making them an excellent solution for any business operating in the temperature-sensitive goods sector in Saudi Arabia.

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