TCW Control with new versions

TCW Control with new updates for iOS and Android. The new versions support Ethernet I/O module - TCW241 and Ethernet data logger - TCW220. With these changes, the number of supported devices is five - TCW122B-CM, TCW181B-CM, TCW240B, TCW241 and TCW220.As before all...

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New update for TC Monitor

Update for the free version of TC Monitor has been released. In the new version, there is support for Ethernet I/O module - TCW241 and Ethernet data logger - TCW220.  Both devices can be used either in server mode or client mode. The client mode makes a connection...

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Using iReasoning MIB browser with TCW240B

iReasoning MIB browser is an indispensable tool for engineers to manage SNMP enabled network devices and applications. It allows users to load standard, proprietary MIBs, and even some mal-formed MIBs. The free personal edition is intended exclusively for private use...

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Carbon dioxide control in mushroom farms

The climate control is of primary importance in the mushroom growing. There are several parameters which affect and need to be kept in very narrow range during different stages of the production process in order to guarantee the quality of the mushrooms. CO2 as most...

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TCW241 – new Ethernet I/O controller

TCW241 is our new Ethernet I/O controller. TCW241 is the successor of TCW240B. The new Ethernet I/O controller is based on a more powerful 32-bit chipset.  Analog inputs have the same range from 0 to 60VDC with 10-bit resolution. 1-Wire interface can support up tp 8...

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Monitoring system – TCW122B-CM and LoriotPro

How to perform configuration of TCW122B-CM with the SNMP Manаger LoriotPro. TCW122B-CM is a general purpose Ethernet controller for remote monitoring and control. It can be managed by WEB interface or SNMP Manager programs. Its I/O interface is suitable for solving...

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TCW220 – industrial Ethernet controller

In production is our new industrial Ethernet controller TCW220. It is entirely directed towards solving problems for industrial automation.   The industrial Ethernet controller has a data logger for all monitored parameters. The records can be made on a certain...

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