How to test MODBUS RTU sensor TSH300/TST300

What is MODBUS RTU? MODBUS is a serial communication protocol. Modicon developed and published it in 1979 and de facto it is an industrial serial standard since then. MODBUS is an application-layer messaging protocol. In OSI model it is positioned at level 7. The...

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Dynamic DNS. DynDNS providers. DNS-o-Matic as a service.

What is Dynamic DNS? Тhe Domain Name System (DNS) is spread across the Internet naming system for computers, services or other resources. Its major role is to translate human-oriented names to IP addresses. They are mandatory for IP based communication. DNS is...

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How to install Nagios local server on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install Nagios local server on Ubuntu OS? To have reached this question, you should need a software for remote monitoring of electrical or non-electrical quantities, networks, services, etc. According to Wikipedia – “Nagios, now known as Nagios Core, is a free...

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TCW220 and TCW241 now support TLS protocol

TCW220 - Ethernet data logger and TCW241 - Ethernet I/O now support TLS protocol.TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols are providing encryption of data between client and server when data is transmitted over an insecure channel such...

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Google and Yahoo have disabled SSLv3 protocol

Google put away SSLv3 in all of its front-end servers. The same did Yahoo. This came as no surprise, because of the fact that SSLv3 has been deemed insecure by the Internet Engineering Task Force. On the other hand at the moment SSLv3 is the only protocol which TCW2xx...

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Rain detector usage with TCW220

In this article will be shown how to use Ethernet data logger TCW220 with a rain detector. Two different rain detectors are used - RG-11 and CON-REGME. RG-11 is manufactured by Hydreon Corporation, while CON-REGME is manufactured by B+B Thermo-Technik. 1. Test setting...

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TCW Control with new versions

TCW Control with new updates for iOS and Android. The new versions support Ethernet I/O module - TCW241 and Ethernet data logger - TCW220. With these changes, the number of supported devices is five - TCW122B-CM, TCW181B-CM, TCW240B, TCW241 and TCW220.As before all...

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