iOS application TCW Control now supports TCW210-TH

We have released a new version for our iOs application – TCW Control. Now TCW Control supports temperature and humidity data logger TCW210-TH. With the last update the application supports following our devices: Ethernet digital IO module TCW181B-CM (Firmware version...

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TSL200 – new 1-Wire ambient light sensor

TSL200 ambient light sensor is the newest member of our the 1-Wire sensors family. Тhis product adds extra options to Teracom controllers for environmental monitoring systems and Building’s management systems (BMS). TSL200 1-Wire ambient light sensor is factory...

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How to install Nagios 4.3.4 local server on Ubuntu 18.04

This article is an update of our old article "How to install Nagios local server on Ubuntu 16.04". In the article, we will describe how to install Nagios local server - step by step. You will need the following packages - Nagios 4.3.4 and Nagios Plugins 2.2.1, and...

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Collect data from TCW210-TH on ThingSpeak platform

1. Overview TCW210-TH is a device that registers and stores information for up to 8 sensors (temperature and temperature-humidity). This information is stored in a flash memory and can be visualized in graphics in the web interface. One of the many services...

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How to test MODBUS RTU sensor TSH300/TST300

What is MODBUS RTU? MODBUS is a serial communication protocol. Modicon developed and published it in 1979 and de facto it is an industrial serial standard since then. MODBUS is an application-layer messaging protocol. In OSI model it is positioned at level 7. The...

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Dynamic DNS. DynDNS providers. DNS-o-Matic as a service.

What is Dynamic DNS? Тhe Domain Name System (DNS) is spread across the Internet naming system for computers, services or other resources. Its major role is to translate human-oriented names to IP addresses. They are mandatory for IP based communication. DNS is...

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How to install Nagios local server on Ubuntu 16.04

How to install Nagios local server on Ubuntu OS? To have reached this question, you should need a software for remote monitoring of electrical or non-electrical quantities, networks, services, etc. According to Wikipedia – “Nagios, now known as Nagios Core, is a free...

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TCW220 and TCW241 now support TLS protocol

TCW220 - Ethernet data logger and TCW241 - Ethernet I/O now support TLS protocol.TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols are providing encryption of data between client and server when data is transmitted over an insecure channel such...

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