Do you know what is common between the good microclimate in the office and the better employee performance? Have you ever thought there are also other ways to stimulate better performance and creativity in your team than higher salaries? See how the regular monitoring of the office environment can bring better labor outcome.

How factors as temperature and humidity affect our working efficiency?



The dry air causes discomfort, itchy skin, red eyes and faster tiredness. The higher humidity makes breathing more difficult, increases the possibility for mold and mildew development in the room and respectively the risk for different kinds of allergies. In both cases, the person does not feel good and could not concentrate enough on his work. It could be even worse – serious allergic reactions may force employees to stay home and take care of their health.
The recommended humidity in the room is between 40% and 60%.


At lower temperatures, a person does not feel comfortable and uses more energy to warm his body. The risk from colds, respectively absence from work also increases. At higher temperatures, a person uses more energy to cool down. His actions and thinking are getting slower, he becomes drowsy and apathetic.

The recommended room temperature is 20–22°С during winter and 22-24°С during summer.

Air freshness

The good ventilation and frequent airing, together with appropriate humidity and temperature, creates an excellent microclimate in the office. Stuffiness causes a headache, apathy and faster tiredness.
How the regular office environment monitoring will increase the personal effectiveness at work with a system that regularly monitors the microclimate in the rooms by a few indicators: humidity, temperature, pollution, you ensure that your employees have optimal working conditions. You give them excellent prerequisites for concentration on the working process and take care of their health (thus they are rarely absent from work for health reasons). This reflects beneficial to the whole team, as well as to the results of the labor outcome. Your people are feeling better, they are more efficient and this is the basic indicator for increasing your company’s incomes.
Of course, in order to improve the effect of regular office environmental monitoring, you have to take care of the perfect office lighting and for the presence of enough plants as well. The latest researches in connection with improving the working conditions in the office, show plants in the working room decrease the stress, purify the air and add oxygen and humidity.

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