New firmware versions (2.0) for popular controllers (TCW122B-CM and TCW181B-CM) for control and monitoring have been released.

New firmware versions (2.0) for the discontinued products TCW121B and TCW180B have been also released.

The changes are:

– much faster WEB interface;
– better overall stability;
– HTML API commands can be sent without authorization;
– update through the WEB interface;
– HTML API commands and XML reports are added and VLAN and MAC filtering are removed
(for TCW121B and TCW180B).

Only first update, from version 1.xx to 2.xx, should be made in two steps. The first step is to upload “Loader” and second step is to upload actual 2.xx version. Detailed instructions are posted on the device’s pages. Every next update will be made by WEB interface, without any software tool. Once the controller is upgraded to 2.xx, it can’t be downgraded to 1.xx.

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