The document describes how to make FW update MODBUS RTU sensors using Teracom TCW210-TH, TCW260 or TCG140 controllers.
For proper update follow the steps below:

1. Connect the sensor which should be updated to the RS-485 bus.

It is important that only this sensor is connected to the RS-485 bus of the controller.

2. Type in the address bar:

  • For TCW210-TH and TCW260 – http://IP-address-of-controller/teracom485.htm;
  • For TCG140 – http://localhost:24111/teracom485.htm.

3. Press the “Scan” button.

After a successful scan, “Current address”, “Sensor Info” and “ID” will be updated.

4. Press “Choose file” and select the new firmware.


5. Click on “Upload”.

6. Set the sensor in update mode.

Disconnect the RS-485 cable of the Modbus RTU sensor.
Press and hold the button “config” of the sensor.
While the button is pressed, connect the RS-485 cable.
Immediately after the “Status” LED is on release the button.
In the next 3 seconds press the button 3 times to enter in the update mode.
If the sensor is successfully entered in update mode after these 3 seconds the LED is permanent on.

7. Click on “Update”.

This will start the update procedure.

8. Operation completed.

After a successful update, Status is “Operation completed”.

We recommend regular check for new FW version and update MODBUS RTU sensors you are using

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