If you have never heard about the Internet of things (IoT), probably now is the perfect time to learn about this application. This relatively new concept can be seen nowadays integrated into various manufacturing installations, as well as in the service sector and our daily lives. The main goal of this application is to bring a maximum level of automation to some processes, to optimize your costs and to save you a lot of time.

What exactly is the Internet of things (IoT)

In the Internet of things (IoT), various physical objects are connected to the internet and can be identified by different devices. The technologies used for this purpose can be manifold – from sensors measuring temperature and humidity to QR codes and solutions based on RFID technology.

How the Internet of things (IoT) can be used in practice

It is the first topic to discuss after such a general explanation of the concept. In the following lines, we’ll try to illustrate the practical use of this application.

When you are having fun

The different technologies used for the realization of the Internet of things (IoT) concept, provide an infinite number of opportunities to improve the service in the field of entertainment and education. Various museum and art exhibitions may be presented in a more attractive and interesting way. Also, you may create a special atmosphere in your backyard during your garden party with color and lighting, which you control through your smartphone.

In business and healthcare

The Internet of things (IoT) and more precisely the RFID technology can be used to facilitate the inventory of an enterprise, a library or a bank. All that is needed are RFID tags and a mobile reader and the time for inventory can be shortened up to 20 times. It also significantly reduces the chance of making a mistake during the inventory.

Technologies based on RFID can be used to detect the location of objects, people, and animals within a couple of seconds. You can also gather some information about the behavior and the expectations of the participants in various events, in order to offer them a better entertaining program next time.

The internet of things (IoT) might be of primary importance for the medicine and healthcare. The options for identification (also possible in real time) and the fast processing of large amounts of data and information, allow for better patient’s care and more rapid intervention in emergency situations. The integration of applications based on the RFID technology in emergency centers and nursing homes has already given some excellent results.

At home

All appliances in your home can be connected to the internet and can be run on a computer, tablet or phone, no matter how far from home you are at a given moment. You can control the heating or put automatic settings on it, you may solve once and for all the problem with the lights, which someone always forgets to turn them off. You may control the cook or the boiler. You may protect your home through a security system that includes video surveillance or use sensors for mechanical control of doors and windows or even install a fire alarm connected straight to the fire station.

Your “Smart” home will allow you to optimize your energy costs without losing your comfort and it also brings security and protection of your place to a higher level.

Are you intrigued by what you have just read? Internet of the things (IoT) can help you to save time, money, troubles, it will develop faster and better your business or will make you feel more comfortable at home. You’ll be fully surprised by the opportunities this new concept may offer.

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