LUTEUS SARL, the provider of network monitoring software, has released “How to perform the exploitation and the configuration of TCW122B-CM with the SNMP Manger LoriotPro” on its corporate site.


The document describes how to make TCW122B-CM SNMP configuration, add MIB file inside LoriotPro, use SNMP trap sent by the device, install the simple and complex dashboards of the controller. After proper configuring of LoriotPro and TCW122B-CM, in Active View dashboard of the software will then be used to have a synthetic view of the device. The combination of the SNMP manager and TCW122B-CM can be used for environmental IP monitoring for homes, offices, and server rooms.

The software LoriotPro is a professional and scalable SNMP manager and network monitoring solution which enables availability and performance control of your networks, systems, and smart infrastructures. LoriotPro includes a complete development environment dedicated to the creation of graphical SNMP automation applications. Other products of LUTEUS SARL are SMS dispatch manager, Syslog collector, and Radl – free radius server.