How the high level of CO2 affects your health and productivity. Do you have an idea what the level of CO2 should be in working spaces so that the people inside feel comfortable? Did you know that even if the building has an excellent ventilation system, the CO2 may easily increase to dangerous levels? Have you considered what might the consequences be from this, how you can deal with them and how a regular CO2 sensor may solve your problems?

How the higher level of CO2 affects people’s health

People exposed to a higher level of CO2 become sleepy, lethargic, distracted and their reactions are slow. They also often complain of headaches and lack of concentration. In some cases, all this may lead to memory loss or to a higher risk of lung diseases.
For people who work with dangerous machines and materials, the risks are even higher – the loss of concentration and the sleepiness may easily lead to an accident.

How the higher level of CO2 affects people’s productivity

People put in places with a higher concentration of CO2 work slower, make more mistakes, become lazy, which leads to conflicts with colleagues and bosses. As a result, the productivity of the people drops significantly in such areas.

How to handle a problem

More often, even if the building where people work has a good ventilation, it won’t solve the problem with the higher levels of CO2. When people organize long meetings in an office either for brainstorming or discussions, the concentration of CO2 may easily increase above the norm.
People working in shops have similar problems – during rush hours, normally the levels of a CO2 increase due to the bigger number of clients.

The use of a CO2 sensor will give the possibility of a fast and easy control of the CO2 levels in the premises.
It can be installed in each ventilation system. The set up of the CO2 sensor is easy and it may send a warning when it is time to take a break outside and aerate the premises. These types of sensors can be seen in a large number of schools nowadays. A single CO2 sensor significantly helps to keep kids attention during classes. The device is energy efficient, can be quickly installed and the benefits of its work can be felt from the moment it starts working.


The CO2 sensor is the basic part of any mushroom farm equipment, where the CO2 control is of primary priority.
The possibility to control the CO2 levels in any working spaces helps the health care, increases productivity and guarantees the successful mushroom growing. Do not hesitate to look for additional information on the CO2 sensors and find out how to use them more efficiently.

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