Demystifying MODBUS RTU addressing

Introduction: MODBUS RTU is a widely used communication protocol in industrial automation, enabling seamless data exchange between master and slave devices. One essential aspect of MODBUS RTU is the addressing scheme, involving both the Protocol Data Unit (PDU) and...

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MBRTU-Update software release

We are thrilled to announce MBRTU-Update - software for updating our MODBUS RTU devices. This new software has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with all Teracom MODBUS RTU devices, providing an easy and efficient way to update them. One of the key...

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TCG120-4 global variant release

We are pleased to announce the launch of our TCG120-4 device in a new, global variant. This latest version of the device is equipped with a comprehensive range of technologies and bands, ensuring seamless connectivity for our customers around the world. Specifically,...

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